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Report Kitchen

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What is Report Kitchen?

Report Kitchen is a platform for publishing research reports, policy papers, project outcomes reports, and similar large, structured report documents.

Organizations typically post these reports as PDFs on their website, but PDFs don't work well on mobile, they don't support video or interactive data, you can't share just one section, they're terrible for SEO, you can't get good analytics from them... the list goes on.  Report Kitchen solves all of these problems.

Report Kitchen is the solution to all those PDFs nobody reads.


Transform your research, project, and policy reports into engaging, interactive experiences optimized for online, mobile and social.

Optimized for phones, tablets, and the future

Report Kitchen reports utilize the latest, standards-compliant responsive design techniques to ensure the best possible experience on every device

Effortless social sharing

Unlike PDFs, your readers can share a specific section of your report with friends and colleagues. If they share an interactive chart their share includes a still image for context.

Interactive data visualization

Printed or PDF reports often include static charts and graphs to illustrate data but modern interactive data visualizations are much more engaging and impactful. Report Kitchen’s extensive dataviz capabilities will make your data come alive.

Video, forms, and interactivity

Enhance your report with embedded video, or create polls, quizzes or feedback forms to engage your readers and add call-to-action links.

Better Search Engine Performance

While search engines can usually read the contents of a PDF file, the user experience is very rough. You only see one result for the entire document even if there are multiple matches for your search. Report Kitchen results look and work like you’d expect, and take you right where you want to go, without waiting.

Accessible & Multilingual Ready

All our reports comply with WCAG 2.0 and U.S Section 508 standards for accessibility. If you have or you need your document translated to other languages, a single Report Kitchen site serves your entire audience.

How Does it Work?

  1. You provide us with your report document in MS Word or PDF format
  2. We convert your content and import into a new Report Kitchen-powered website.
  3. We add enhancements such as interactive data visualizations, integrated video, reader engagement and feedback tools, and more.
  4. Go Live! We handle all the tech details of hosting and managing your report website. We can even help you market and promote your report, online and off.

Show Me The Demo!

A Report Kitchen report is like a gourmet meal...
you just have to experience it yourself

These reports demonstrate some of the capabilities of Report Kitchen and show the improved user experience compared to reading the PDF versions. If you'd like to know more about how Report Kitchen can improve the experience of reading your reports online, contact us today.


Before: PDF

Cover of Elements of Success Report

After: Report Kitchen

Screenshot of Elements of Success Website

This foundation-funded research project examined some best practices of a housing authority partnership in the Pacific Northwest.

Video interviews were a key component of the project, and a PDF with external video links would have been awkward and confusing. With Report Kitchen, the videos form a seamless part of the reader experience, and the overall report is more engaging too.

Before: PDF

IEAP Cover

After: Report Kitchen

IEAP Cover

This report presents and discusses the findings of a broad survey of the American public regarding attitudes towards gifted education.

The content includes a variety of charts, graphs, and tables as well as quotes from the survey and numerous references to other works.

Let’s Get Cooking!

Are you looking for a better experience, wider reach, and ultimately, greater results from your research, project, and policy reports? We’d love to know more about your goals and see how Report Kitchen can help.